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An increasing number of people in Britain are choosing to mark the significant events in their lives with humanist ceremonies – especially funerals, but also weddings and naming ceremonies. In the North East area about 1,500 such ceremonies were performed last year for people who varied greatly in background and outlook.

It is understandable that those with religious faith may want a religious ceremony. But now less than 10% of the population are regular churchgoers, and the number of people for whom religion is unimportant, or who decide to live their lives without it continues to grow. For such people a religious service may seem inappropriate and insincere. A humanist ceremony offers a dignified and meaningful alternative.

Humanist Celebrants Northeast are a group of men and women who have been carefully selected and trained to conduct humanist ceremonies. They come from all walks of life but have humanism in common. They are now the leading providers of non-religious ceremonies in the North East.






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